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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Audio-Visual System | Aerial Services

With the rise of streaming and the introduction of new impressive technology, the way we consume media is drastically changing. Aerial Services are here to bring your home systems into the digital age to create an impressive, bespoke and tech savvy home entertainment plan.

Epic Surround Sound

Whether you’re listening to the legendary orchestral score of a classic movie or bopping around the living room to a Disney musical with the kids, sound plays a huge part in the tv and movie experience. Aerial Services can install the highest quality Sonos surround sound systems, helping to provide an immersive cinema-like experience when watching tv and improving the overall quality of sound in your home.

Impressive Home Theatre Systems

Tailored to your needs and budget, configured precisely for your home, our home theatre systems can impress guests and enhance your movie nights. We have HD, passive 3D and active 3D projectors available from a wide range of well-known, top of the line brands. Our projection screens ranging from 1.5 – 6 metres can provide you with an excellent surface for quality viewing.

Tailored Multi-Room Connections

No more wrestling over the remote or whinging about what’s on tv, with multi-room video, viewers can use the same system to watch different shows on multiple devices. You can stream, record, pause and play any form of media, and it syncs through the entire house. Why not move the Saturday binge-watching session up to the bedroom for the ultimate cosy night in?

These are just some of the many ways Aerial Services can improve the way you watch and listen to tv at home, to find out more about our other audio visual services such as aerial/satellite distribution, high impact music systems and multi-room zoned audio systems. You can contact a member of our team on 07736 115 571.