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7 Reasons Why CCTV Surveillance Is Vital To Your Business | Aerial Services

Time was when the main targets of commercial crime were almost solely those which held significant quantities of hard cash (post offices, banks) and shops with high value items (clothing, jewellery, audiovisual). But these days, practically all businesses have high-tech equipment of one kind or another worth stealing, even if it’s just computers used for administrative purposes.

For this reason, and because overall crime is rising in England and Wales (up 13% in 12 months to June according to police data), security continues to be an increasing concern for UK business owners. However, Aerial Services recommend that, rather than panicking and spending a load of money on unnecessary security features that are disproportional to your needs and the risks inherent to your business, you first consult credible CCTV security professionals.

This should be with a view to, first and foremost, making sure you have adequate, effective CCTV surveillance in place. CCTV installation, along with a robust alarm system, should be the cornerstone of commercial property security provision.

Here are 7 solid reasons why CCTV surveillance is critical for business security.

1. Effective prevention

One great and benefit of CCTV cameras is that they inarguably function as a highly-effective, highly-visual preventative measure, greatly reducing the risk of crime before it takes place. This not only applies to career criminals looking to gain access to buildings, but also to unscrupulous employees or opportunist (and unscrupulous!) customers who might be tempted to commit a crime whilst they’re on your premises.

2. Increased safety for staff as well as property

Some contemporary CCTV surveillance systems have the feature of being able to alert a control centre when a security breach is in progress, prompting a rapid response in assisting employees or customers who may be in danger. This creates a safe environment and reassuring feelings of security for staff and customers alike, which can only be good for business and company culture. Furthermore, criminals can often be apprehended before making off with any high-value items.

3. Remote monitoring in real-time

Thanks to the wonder of modern information technology, business owners can now actually monitor CCTV surveillance footage in real-time from abroad, as well as review recorded footage remotely. Almost any mobile smart device is now capable of connecting with CCTV, offering uninterrupted surveillance where necessary (thought don’t forget to try and enjoy your holiday). What’s more, all recorded footage can be digitally stored in ‘the cloud’ meaning it can be reviewed and used as evidence if necessary at a later point.

4. Control access to premises

Whether it’s at the gates, the building doors or at reception, CCTV cameras installed above key points of passage enable security, owners or other personnel to visually screen all visitors. Undesirables of any description (which could mean anything as innocuous as persons without appointments) can immediately be identified as soon as they appear on screen.

5. Assist police and internal disciplinary process

If a crime or some kind of security breach has occurred then the police (and ultimately the courts) are greatly assisted by any CCTV footage of the incident, and the clearer the image the better. Fortunately, the quality of CCTV images has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and the easier the perpetrators can be identified, the easier they can be apprehended. Excerpts of footage or still images can be disseminated via the media (such as BBC’s Crimewatch) and security institutions for a faster response. Similarly, internal disputes within the workplace, such as sexual harassment or absenteeism, can often be quickly confirmed or disproved by viewing CCTV footage.

6. Perpetual and comprehensive coverage

By seeking advice from qualified security professionals and having the right high-quality CCTV cameras installed in the best possible locations around your business premises, blind spots should be completely eliminated. Typical vulnerabilities at access points can be monitored continuously and business owners can maintain a peace of mind that only comes from wholly comprehensive CCTV coverage.

7. Unrivalled reliability

Invading a commercial premise by hiding from each and every CCTV camera only happens in the movies. In real life, a well set up CCTV surveillance system is almost impenetrable, with multiple cameras ensuring eyes are all around, even in the most vulnerable areas. The likelihood of the culprit evading every single camera (or even one or two of them) is very small. Reputable companies such as Aerial Services will send in a CCTV technician to inspect a site before advising them on the best possible CCTV setup for their needs as well as general best practice.

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