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Chimney Cowls


Our feathered friends love to make a home in your chimney pot don’t they!?

Decent size, snug and a great observation point for scavenging. Yes, there is a risk of dropping down said flue but being bird-brained, they don’t get the peril.

Anyone who has found a crow that is either dead or has managed to get into the room will be wanting one of these! Or even worse – a dead, smelly one behind your fireplace.

We test your flue before and after installation to ensure you remain safe and fume-free.

We also have a range of bird spikes to deter our feathered friends from sitting on your aerials, or in other locations and leaving their droppings behind.

The chimney cowls our highly experienced team install are designed to prevent birds and squirrels from nesting in your chimney’s shaft. Keep the structural integrity of your chimney intact with our first-rate chimney cowls so you are not faced with the difficult task of organising the removal of nests.

Chimney cowls are also a safeguarding measure for your property and inhabitants because they prevent smoke from travelling in the wrong direction, known as down draft. An important part of chimney maintenance, durable and long-lasting chimney cowls have become the norm for properties with a chimney.

A simple installation provides huge value: our expert team will ensure your chimney benefits from the right kind of protection by providing a bespoke chimney cowl installation service.

For chimney cowl installation, contact us via email or telephone for a free, no-obligation quote.

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