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Fibre optic HDTV, 3D, 4K TV Installation | Northampton

We all know how fast technology becomes ‘old hat’ in the electronic home entertainment industry these days, with new models and even updates being launched to huge fanfare. Aerial Services can make sure you have the very latest equipment available on the market installed at your property, but also advise on which technologies are likely to best stand the test of time and require the least updating in the near future!

Below you will find a couple of solutions we recommend for a fantastic home entertainment experience in 2016 and beyond. Both are now available for install by Aerial Services technicians:

Fibre Optics

It’s only a matter of time before copper cabling becomes a thing of the past when it comes to home entertainment. Fibre optic cables are already serving up superfast broadband internet to over 80% of British homes in the UK, and it’s superseding traditional copper cables for a number of reasons: fibre optic cable is capable of transmitting a clearer signal over a greater distance, it’s thinner than copper (thus more cost effective), transmits a higher quality signal and uses less power.

Best of all, as experts predict the technology to be around for a while (without anything comparable in development) opting for fibre optic cables over copper is the perfect way to futureproof your systems.

In recent years, fibre optics have more become commercially viable for the AV industry, satisfying the need for more bandwidth over long and short distances. Fibre optic cables are especially well suited to the high-speed transport of HDTV, 3D and 4K (Ultra HD) data. The next-generation of super HD TVs (4k and higher) will become more and more common (and cheaper to make and therefore buy) over the next decade, but the technology will inevitably require AV cables with much higher capabilities than those currently used in the typical home set up, where most people have been slow to upgrade (and to be honest, most people don’t think about the cables they use as being as important as what they’re plugged into – a common mistake!)

At Aerial Services we now carry out a fibre optic ‘pre-wiring’ service. What does this mean? Well, in order to make sure you’re ahead of the curve and are ready for the next generation of TVs and other home entertainment equipment, we install the very latest super-fast fibre optic cables at your property, pre-empting any compatibility issues down the line, minimising future costs and disruptions and – in short – future-proofing your set up.

Aerial Services currently offer three wiring services:

Grade 1: standard WF100 cable, Cat5e

Grade 2: WF100, Cat6, 4 core

Grade 3: entirely bespoke and dependent on design

Call us today for more information.

SCR: Satellite Channel Router System

The beauty of SCR is that you can upgrade to Sky Plus and record your favourite programmes without having to run a second cable to your Sky box. This means more functionality with less fuss and less cumbersome cabling. Furthermore, it’s cost effective and quick to install. SCR installation is ideal for multi-communal properties – from shared houses to hotels – because it negates the need for additional satellite dishes.

Why not call us today to discuss fibre optic and Satellite Channel Router solutions with one of our technicians.