Need help wall mounting your TV?

Media Wall and TV Wall Mounting

Large, high quality, flat screen TVs have never been as affordable or as prevalent as they are today. If you’ve recently upgraded or are thinking of upgrading, then you’ve probably thought about the prospect of mounting it on a wall.

There are several benefits to wall mounting your tv: it frees up space, allows you to set the tv at an optimum height for viewing, makes it more secure (and less likely to be knocked over by your dog or children) and gives your room a fantastically modern look and feel.

Obviously, the bigger the TV, the more likely it is to be a two-person job fitting it onto the wall, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. Needing more than two hands isn’t the primary problem when wall mounting a TV – there’s lots of other issues to consider, and therefore we recommend leaving the job to the professionals!

ASTV have mounted hundreds of TVs of all sizes onto walls in all manner of properties, from small bungalows to large pubs and hotels. We will make sure your new pride and joy is secured safely and neatly onto your wall and will provide sound advice on where and where not to have a TV mounted.

One of the issues with the latest flat screen TV’s is the quality of sound.

To get the screen flat the speakers are usually sacrificed to make space. This leads to thoughts such as: do I need a soundbar or surround sound system? Where will I put it? Etc.

ASTV are perfectly placed to advise you on different systems and installation methods.

We are able to wall mount all your equipment and can create Media walls for your pleasure.

Whether you are based in Northampton or Peterborough; Wellingborough or Milton Keynes, we can offer high quality tv wall mounting to domestic and commercial properties.