The thought of a stranger being in your property without your knowledge, helping themselves to your belongings, could make anyone’s skin crawl. It leaves many people anxious, feeling that their homes have been tainted and robbed of its protection. For business owners, it is both frustrating and disheartening if a burglary means a lack of the equipment you rely on, thus greatly affecting employee downtime and profits.

In Kettering alone there have been around 533 reports of burglaries between June 2015 and May 2016. Many of these reports have taken place in Kettering’s rural areas. Statistics show increases in property crimes are on the rise compared to previous years.

Thankfully, Aerial Services are here to help. Our team can provide high quality CCTV and alarm systems which help reduce the risk of burglaries, whilst aiding local police services in apprehending criminals. We provide free on-site assessments to calculate the risk of intrusions for both homeowners and businesses. We offer free consultations to provide detailed information on steps that you ought to take to prevent intrusions from happening, personalised to any requirements you may have for your building.

Our intruder alarm systems have attractive, modern designs

“When it comes to our CCTV products, we can provide incognito installations to ensure that our products are discrete, whilst still providing high definition coverage of the surrounding area.”
The quality of our CCTV equipment has been praised several times by the police and has featured on the Crime Watch TV programme.

Our intruder alarm systems have attractive, modern designs with simple user interfaces, ensuring thatthe equipment is easy to use and doesn’t sacrifice any aesthetics. Remote monitoring alarm systems also ensure that any emergencies never go ignored. They will send out an alarm to a team of professionals, guaranteeing an immediate response.

We can also provide an intelligent security system that can switch on lights, send alerts and contact owners/keyholders in the case of activation .

Be prepared in case the worst should happen. Don’t just sit back and think ‘stuff like that won’t happen to me’.

To find out more about our CCTV and intruder alarm systems, contact us today online or by calling 03330 063 003. For a more direct point of contact, please call 07800 597060.