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Experiencing loss of signal?

Satellite Systems


Satellite Dish installations and repairs.

The installation of a satellite dish can present a challenge for a variety of reasons. Visually the ideal position may not be pleasing to the eye and there are many obstacles such as trees that can impede the signal.

However, our experienced engineers are there to work with you to find a solution to these problems – even if it means a steep climb to position a satellite dish high on a wall or chimney mounted to avoid reception blocking obstacles.

There may also be times when a visit to repair or upgrade your dish is required and companies like Sky for example will not complete the works. These situations are where we can assist you, as an independent professional installation company we have all the experience and health and safety equipment to allow us to complete works where others cannot.

If you are unhappy with the position of your satellite dish our engineers can advise you on re-location to a more discreet position which can serve to enhance the look of your property. We also ensure the cabling from the dish to your set top box or TV is neat and discreet.

We provide Satellite Dish Installation throughout the Midlands, Anglia regions and beyond a few examples of the areas that we provide services to include; Kettering and encompasses a 25-mile radius on a daily basis to Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Wellingborough, Rushden, Corby, Oundle and Stamford.

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