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Aerial Services - Latest Security Technology: Are You Onboard?

There are few facets of modern life, either business or personal, that are not in some way driven or influenced by changes in technology. It’s not just gadget-freaks that find themselves keeping up with the latest tech – most people find themselves embracing new technological advancements simply because the products that we use day-to-day gradually become updated, and what used to be futuristic soon becomes the norm for everyone.

Whether it’s touch screen smartphones, the latest in bagless vacuum cleaning technology or energy-efficient fuel systems for cars, companies generally make it very easy (and sometimes compulsory) to ‘opt in’ to new, life-enhancing technologies simply by bringing new products to market (and phasing old ones out). And whether consciously or unconsciously, most people don’t want to miss out on most forms of new technology, especially when it is technology that’s related to security; whether that means increasing physical safety or protecting against digital fraud, identity theft and so on.

So why is it that so many businesses and individuals don’t keep up to date with the latest advancements in building security systems? Perhaps it’s because, once such systems are set up, it’s quite easy to forget about them – and soon months, then years go by – and hopefully, you won’t have had much cause to think about updating the systems because you haven’t had any problems concerning unwanted intruders. Regardless, we have a newsflash for those of you who haven’t updated your security systems for a few years: things have moved on!

How Far has Home/Business Security Progressed?

Alarm systems are a just one great example of how far security technology has progressed. Going back 3 or even just 2 decades ago, most companies would have had a rudimentary intruder alarm, with magnetic door sensors, perhaps some motion sensors scattered around their premises and with buzzer or bell type alarms. Those that could afford it may have opted for a monitored system comprising a standard phone line connected to a monitoring centre. These more ‘sophisticated’ systems of the time may have been relatively effective but they lacked flexibility.

Modern wireless intruder alarms are typically modular and sensors can be placed anywhere where there is power source. They can often be networked with fire alarms to form a one integrated system controlled and by a single console. There has also been real progress in recent years with alert systems. For instance, when triggered, alarms can now immediately prompt a connected CCTV system to begin recording. In addition, alert text messages and emails can be sent to the home or business owner or other specified individuals. Some modern systems use IP technology to notify a remote control centre, relaying information such as where the alarm was triggered, whether or not the intruders are still on site and if the police need to be called. Furthermore, high-quality images of any intruders can be captured and distributed within seconds, enabling both faster response times and providing valuable evidence to aid any subsequent criminal prosecutions.

This may all sound quite futuristic, but the fact is that this technology is all available now, and for less than you’d probably think.

So if you’ve been guilty of falling behind with your business or home security systems, get in touch with us today to see how Aerial Services can help you get bang up to date! We can install high quality wireless intruder alarms, IP CCTV systems with offsite monitoring, networked access control, and much more, for the home, the office any other commercial premises you’re responsible for. Don’t delay – give us a call today for an informal chat about any security concerns you have and the fantastic new technologies available.